About Convic Australia

Australian Family Owned & Operated Company since 2001

Established in 2001 and having it's head office in Melbourne – Convic supply to industrial customers Australia wide. The Convic team have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and are proud to be a family owned and run company. Convic founder James Nardella recognised a need to provide quality products to the local Civil and Rail industries and has since grown the business to become a preferred supplier to many industry leaders.

Customer Service and Quality of Products are our priorities and we have an extensive range and capable support and sales team to meet your expectations. Our extensive range of pipe system in both PVC & concrete have supplied reliably to the Rail, Civil, Communications and Rural Industries for many years.

Convic are passionate about innovation in designing new products with a goal to either improve existing products, or to better the industry with new products. We are commitment to safety and environmental sustainability and passionate about our industry and providing our customers with quality products and solutions at competitive prices.

Australian Trusted Supplier of Network Access Products

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About Convic Australia