Stronglite Lids

Real Systems Stronglite Lids Class C. Concrete eq. up to 5,000kg

P5 Stronglite Lid
P7 Stronglite Lid
P6, 8 & 9 Stronglite Lid

Custom Lids Available!

  • Any Colour
  • Any Size
  • Choose Your Design
  • Add your logo
  • Be Unique!
Stronglite Lids

Developed here in Australia, the Stronglite Lids combine industrial strength solutions using polyurethane resins with high grade fiberous mesh materials. The surface is finished with the best Non Slip Rating (R13) coating.

UV stabilised and UV rated Stronglite Lids can be custom made to colour match concrete, bitumen or any colour or logo on request.

Stronglite Lids won’t crack, break or be damaged with Class C rating.

Stronglite Lids P5 is 20 kilos lighter, the P6, 8 & 9 is 19 kilos lighter and the P7 is 20 kilos lighter, which meets the strict industry OH&S compliance regulations.

Stronglite Lids will save you time and money, making Stronglite Lids the only choice lids suitable for your installation.


  • Australian Standards AS3996
  • Australian Made
  • Polyurethane High Strength Reinforcement with fibre combination
  • UV Stabilised and Rated
  • Highest Rating Anti Slip Surface
  • Classification R13 Table 5 AS4586 2013
  • Nata Tested Class C rating
  • P5 Total Weight 10 kg OHS Compliance
  • P6 Total Weight 11 kg OHS Compliance
  • P7 Total Weight 8 kg OHS Compliance
  • Colour Matching to Any Requirements
  • Snap Lock Fitted for Better Security